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SOCA brings together church organists, church choir trainers and others interested in church music, choral singing, organs, and the art of playing the organ. Enjoy our recitals given by promising young local organists, amateurs and professionals, or perhaps volunteer to take part in one of our friendly composite recitals. A major highlight of the year is the SOCA Annual Lunch, to which a distinguished organist is usually invited as our guest speaker. Our programme of events is set out on the Our Calendar page of this website.

Contact details for SOCA officers are as follows:

Patron: Lady Gass

Honorary President: Matthew Owens

Chairman: Ray Willis

Treasurer / Membership Secretary: Doug Smith

Secretary: Derek Jones

Membership of SOCA, which is open to all, entitles you to reduced admission to ticketed events organised by SOCA. New members are welcomed with a free copy of the Organists’ Review.

Adult membership: £20 per year
Student membership: £3 per year (includes 16-18 age group)
Junior (under 16) membership: Free

To join, please contact the Secretary at the email address shown above, stating your full name, qualifications (if applicable), address, telephone number, and church appointment (if applicable). Student and Junior members should additionally confirm their date of birth and place of study. Membership details and subscription records are maintained by the Treasurer / Membership Secretary.

To contact SOCA on any subject, please feel free to use the box below for your message!


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