Chairman’s Report – November 2018

ChairmanThis year has seen a range of activities featuring many different instruments and styles so indicative of the versatility of our chosen instrument. It is interesting to note the predominance of large organs which are so much a part of our recent heritage of technological development since the mid- Victorian era. But there are many small and chamber organs, some with only a single manual (as is the one I play regularly at the Bishop’s Chapel) and these challenge our musical ingenuity to play repertoire that works well making the best of restricted resources. Continue reading

Chairman’s Report – November 2017

ChairmanThe past year has been an interesting one for SOCA. However, much of what I would like to say would only repeat much of what I said last year. I would encourage you to look at that if you have the chance. So – moving on – we have a core membership who are very enthusiastic about the Association, but we have a much greater number of members who seem content to pay their annual membership and not contribute much, if anything, more. Continue reading

Chairman’s New Year Message – January 2017

A New Year Message for 2017

ChairmanThe organ is the overall principal liturgical instrument. In its earlier forms, the organ took its place in Western Christian worship somewhere between the 10th to 12th centuries. Far from being ‘old instruments’ used in liturgy as museum pieces from the past, organs have their place in all contemporary music, liturgical or otherwise, in the same way as other instruments, classical or contemporary. Continue reading

Chairman’s Report – November 2016

Chairman2015/2016 has been a mixed year for SOCA. The support for our chosen charity has been considerably down from previous years. This could be attributed to some of our membership feeling unable to support music therapy and rehabilitation for the prison service. The total raised is only £753-95 plus an additional £25 in gift aid. Putting on concerts or other events in support of a chosen charity gives the association a sense of purpose which unites our enthusiasm to work together towards a common goal, and I sincerely hope that we can continue with this in future years. Continue reading